MUSO @ Mzumbe University

Mzumbe University Students Organization (MUSO) 

The MUSO President 2016/2017

Welcome to our website and get updates of our humble organization.
Suzan Urio
MUSO President.

About Mzumbe University Students Organization

Mzumbe University Students Organization MUSO is made under article 45 of the Mzumbe University Charter of 2007.Its fucntions are conducted in accordance with the Mzumbe University Students Organization of 2009 as ammended 2014.

Its constitution of 2009 was amended on December 2014 and approved by Mzumbe University Council .

Every student of the Mzumbe University Main campus shall be a member of the Organization upon being registered as a student and his/her membership shall cease upon the cessation of his/her studentship

Principal Organs of the organization

  1. The Students Baraza: Students baraza is the general assembly of all members of the Organization whose roles shall be stated under this Constitution
  2. The Students Representative Council (SRC): Students Representative Council is the Legislative Organ of the Organization and the main representative organ of the interests of the members of the Organization
  3. MUSO Government: The government is the Executive Organ of the Organization and the organ responsible for the execution of the day to day activities of the Organization
  4. The Arbitration Board: The Arbitration Board is the Quasi-Judicial Organ of the Organization working in accordance with the general principles of fairness in administration of justice.

Our Mission

The Mission of MUSO is to assist and support University in providing opportunities for acquisition, development, preservation and dissemination of knowledge and skills through training, research, technical and/or professional services.

Our Vision

Mzumbe University Student organization is recognized as most important organization within and outside the University for influencing in demand driven knowledge generation, application, preservation and dissemination for social-economic development by 2025.

Core Values

The building of a cohesive and binding organizational culture is a fundamental pre-requisite for the sustainable development of the University. The following are the core values which guides Mzumbe University’s organizational culture.