MUSO @ Mzumbe University

Ministry Of Education, Affiliations and Vocational Training

Education, Affiliations and Vocational Training

The main objective is to develop and implement educational policies which provide equal opportunity to equally education for all students and ensure development of a productive quality human resource base through education and training.


  • To do any other duties as may be directed to the Ministry by the MUSO General Secretary, Prime Minister, Vice President and President.
  • Convening meeting with the CRs, FRs/SRs and stipulate MUSO rules and regulations to be observed.
  • To interact with other Ministries and work in conjunction with the department of entertainment, Social affairs and special issues.

  • Responsible for coordination and controlling all matters raised from CRs which relate to academic issues according to the constitution.
  • To solve all contradictions or misunderstandings as representatives concerning all students progress in academic matters.