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Ministry Of Health Food and Enviroment

About: Ministry of Health Food and Enviroment

The provision of basic health services to students that are good, quality, equitable accessible, affordable, sustainable and gender sensitive. Also is to ensure the good and conducive studying environment for students in Mzumbe University.


  • Political head of the Ministry
  • Chief advisor to the President in matters concerning health, food and environmental aspects.
  • Receive orders directly from the President though can also be advised by any member of MUSO Board that is The Vice-President, Prime Minister and General Secretary.
  • Ensure safety in all food sold within the campus and that the prices should correspond to the quality
  • Ensure proper disposal of garbage and overall cleanliness of the environment that includes the halls, classes and overall campus compounds.
  • Supervise and come up with a policy concerning the announcement boards and make sure announcements are stuck on proper places to ensure tininess of the environment and maintenance of the painted walls.

  • Ensure the implementations of all major projects of the ministry
  • At executive level, he/she perform his/her work as far as all health, food and environment affairs are concerned.
  • Prepare the budget for the ministry of health, food and environment and compile General budget for all ministries
  • Design and coordinate ways for harmonizing all affairs that directly involved the students health within the campus including the University Hospital services.
  • Cooperate with other ministries in matters related to the ministry.
  • Keep record of all ongoing events within the campus relating to their ministry
  • Learn, observe and respect all rules and procedures with regard all matters that directly involve their ministry`s roles