Ministry Of Information, Communications And Technology

About: Ministry of Information, Communications And Technology

The objective is to formulate policies, monitoring and evaluating, and regulating and legal matters pertaining to communication, ICT, Science and technology and innovation.


  • Political head of the Ministry
  • Chief advisor to the President in matters concerning the conveying information and technological matters within the campus
  • Receive orders directly from the President though can also be advised by any member of MUSO Board that is The Vice-President, Prime Minister and General Secretary.
  • Keeping the whole Mzumbe University society update with all sort of information fruitful and that directly or indirectly concerning them
  • Designing and maintenance of the MUSO website and all communication medias owned and run by MUSO government

  • Perform multimedia documentations of all events conducted by MUSO government be it audio, video or graphics.
  • Ensuring that all communication within and outside the university is approved by them or they are fully aware about it
  • Ensure the implementations of all major projects of the ministry
  • At executive level, he/she perform his/her work as far as all information communication and technological aspects are concerned.
  • Prepare the budget for the ministry of Information Communication and Technology and compile General budget for all ministries
  • Cooperate with other ministries in matters related to their ministry.
  • Keep record of all ongoing events within the campus