Ministry Of Internal Affairs, Peace and Security

About: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Peace and Security

The main objective is to save lives and properties, facilitate and control movement of aliens and non-aliens and rehabilitee convicts through implementation of relevant laws and regulation.


  • Chief advisor to the President in matters concerning the internal affairs
  • Political head of the Ministry
  • Receive orders directly from the President though can also be advised by any member of MUSO Board that is The Vice-President, Prime Minister and General Secretary.
  • Ensure the implementations of all major projects of the ministry
  • At executive level, he/she perform his/her work as far as all internal students affairs are concerned and Controller of all MUSO internal affairs.

  • Prepare the budget for the ministry of internal affairs and compile General budget for all ministries
  • Design and coordinate ways for harmonizing all affairs that directly involved the students within the campus including security, counseling and overall student`s welfare at the university.
  • Cooperate with other ministries in matters related to the student`s welfare.
  • Keep record of all ongoing events within the campus
  • Learn, observe and respect all rules and procedures with regard all matters that directly involve the ministry`s roles